Smoothie Litepaper (v.1)


Every day, there are more users and projects joining the movement. As we explore this new ecosystem however, a new problem comes to the fore.

Web3 project discovery is broken.There’s no reliable way to find new web3 products. Where do people go to find the latest project? How do they know if they’re good? Why should they care?

Introducing Smoothie Awards. A discover-to-earn awards platform for web3 projects.

Awards Rules

Each week, a collection of the latest web3 projects gets published on Smoothie Awards.

Users get to upvote their favorite projects. Each person has a limit of 3 upvotes per week.The project with the most upvotes is the winner.

Upvotes & Points

As upvotes are the core score of Smoothie Awards competition, we believe upvoters deserve a reward for discovering and curating for the community.

Each active upvoter is rewarded with points, Smoothie’s proof-of-discovery reputation metric.

For each upvote, a user receives 10 points.

  • As you earn more points, you gain more upvoting weight.
  • There’s no max supply of points.
  • No one can buy/sell points.

Submit a Project

Benefits to submiting a project

Increase your product’s user base.

Get early feedback from the community.

Build credibility by winning Smoothie Awards.

How to submit a project


Click the “Submit” button in the top right corner of the website.

Connect your crypto wallet first if you haven’t done that yet.


Complete the application form.


Submit for review.
Once you submit the project, the approval process will start. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for our team to make a decision. If your project is approved, we will reach out to you with confirmations and next steps!

Smoothie Newsletter

Smoothie has a newsletter where we deconstruct crypto trends with visual storytelling. We will be sharing the winners of Smoothie Awards here so that projects get extra visibility!

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Future of Smoothie

Smoothie Awards creates a base community layer for crypto projects. It helps founders launch new web3 startups and get the distribution they need. Smoothie’s vision is to be a web3 launch pad. We will continue to build Smoothie to support startups in this ecosystem. And more importantly, we will do it together with each and every one of you. The community ❤️

Get excited. There will be so much happening.
This is only version 1 of Smoothie.

To learn more, read our FAQ here.

Litepaper subject to change with future version updates.